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Scrip Teacher Wish List – End of the School Year

HOMEROOM MOTHERS: Start collecting for your Class Gifts because…… the last day of school before summer is almost here!


End of the School Year

Mrs. Baczkowski – Amazon, Consumers Beverages, Panera, Red Lobster/Olive Garden, Tim Hortons Miss Carroll – Panera, Sears, Tim Hortons

Mrs. Cook – Best Buy

Mr. D’Arienzo – Amazon, Lowe’s

Mrs. Esack – Kohl’s, Tim Hortons, TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Home Goods

Miss Frost – Bath & Body, Delta Sonic Car Wash, Kohl’s, Target

Mr. Gardon – Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Tim Horton’s

Mrs. Gallagher – David’s Grille, Spot Coffee, TJ Maxx/Marshall’s

Miss Geerkin – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bath & Body Works, Regal Cinema, Sephora, Target

Mrs. Gloss – Target, Tim Hortons

Sr. Lori High – Applebee’s, Barnes &Noble, JC Penney, Regal Cinema, Sears, Tim Hortons, Tops

Mr. Kerwin – Tops

Mrs. Lesandro– Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Gap/Old Navy, Red Lobster/Longhorn Steak, Tim Hortons, Tops, Walmart

Mr. Luders –Dunkin Donuts, Target, Tops

Mr. Maguda – Barnes & Noble, Panera, Spot Coffee, Target, Tim Hortons, Tops

Miss Maisonet – Amazon, Office Max

Mrs. McNulty – Chipotle, Consumers Beverages, Rite Aid, Ulta Salons

Mrs. Nirelli – Bed Bath & Beyond, Consumers Beverages, Outback/Carraba’s, Regal Cinema, Ruby Tuesdays, Target, Tim Hortons, Tops

Mrs. Mugridge – Applebee’s, Barnes & Noble, Delta Sonic Car Wash, Red Robin, Ruby Tuedays, Target

Mrs. Rosza– Consumers Beverages, Mangia Restaurant, Subway

Mrs. Salem – Kohl’s, Panera, Target, Tim Hortons

Ms. Schrenk – Denny’s, Pizza Hut, Tim Hortons

Mrs. Scott –Sephora, Target

Mrs. Zanghi – Chipotle, Tops

Mrs. Zoda – Amazon, Office Max, Target, Tim Hortons

Come see us on Tuesdays, 8-10 am or order online at www.shopwithscrip.com. We have many items that can be special ordered, but don’t forget – any special order is placed on Tuesday morning and won’t be available until the next Tuesday. We will stop selling on Tuesdays on May 26th, but you can still email/call/text me and I will fill your order as I will be selling all summer.

page1image19480 page1image19640 page1image19800 page1image19960 IT IS ALMOST SUMMER & THE END OF SCHOOL!!

Coming soon. Retro Buffaoo uniform sales
Coming Soon. School uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger
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