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“Nativity of Our Lord School, an integral part of a total Roman Catholic parish community, aims to provide quality education for students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Religion, the core of the curriculum, emphasizes moral and spiritual values, which permeate every aspect of the total instructional program. Achievement, consistent with the student’s academic potential, is second only to those character traits that typify Christian ladies and gentlemen, as well as informed, law-abiding citizens. Participation in sports and co-curricular activities is encouraged and fostered at all levels.

The philosophy of Nativity of Our Lord is based on a firm belief in the inherent and dignity of each individual. Accordingly, ample opportunities for spiritual and intellectual growth are available to all students. Our philosophy of education also reflects an awareness, on the part of the staff, of the diversity of economic, social and cultural differences within the school community.

Since Nativity of Our Lord School finds its true justification in the mission of the Church, our educational philosophy is one in which faith, culture and life are brought into harmony.”

[From the Philosophy to the Self-Study for the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, 20002]

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