Administration of Medicine

teddy-bandaidNew York State Education Guidelines state that any
prescription or over-the –counter medication may be
administered by school personnel if a parent submits
a written request for medication administration.




The following procedure must be followed:

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  • The child’s physician must request in writing that a specific medication be given, prescribe the dose to be given, the time and duration of the treatment, and the reason for the medication being given.
  • The parent should sign the request asking the school personnel to give the medication.
  • The medication should be delivered directly to the designated school personnel (i.e. school nurse) by the parent.
  • The medication must be clearly labeled with adequate instructions.
  • The medication will be kept in a locked area, inaccessible to students.
  • Non-prescriptive medication and cough drops require a note from the parent. It should be in the original container.
  • Children should never carry medication to school or have it with them during the day.