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SCRIP Fundraising Program

Fundraise while you Shop with SCRIP!

What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is a nationally recognized fundraising program which allows non-profit organizations, like Nativity of Our Lord School, to benefit from the generosity of many major retailers and local merchants. Through SCRIP, our school buys shopping cards at a discount and sells them at face value. The difference between the price the school pays for the shopping cards and the face value is the profit. For example, a $100 shopping card from Home Depot costs the school $96, thus a profit of $4. In past years, the SCRIP program generated thousands of dollars in profits which, in turn, benefit our school!

Your everyday activities, such as buying gas, repairing your car/truck, buying clothes, going to a beauty salon, or even having your furnace repaired, can earn money for our school and parish. Visit to see the many national retailers that participate in the SCRIP program and sign up for a free account.

SCRIP Order Form

Download – Scrip Order Form

Thank you for your consideration in purchasing SCRIP to support our school and parish! We carry inventory for those businesses listed on this form. To order and purchase your SCRIP, please begin by entering your name, phone number and the date at the top of the form. Then select the business(es) and enter the number of cards/certificates you would like to buy. The dollar increments are listed by each business. For example, if you would like $40 in Aurthur’s Hardware cards, place a ‘2’ in the ‘Qty’ (first) column and then ‘$40’ in the ‘Total’ column. Continue entering all amounts by business. Then place your total amount due at the bottom left of the form.

Simply take your form and your cash or check to the Parish Office to make your purchases. We accept PrestoPay, cash or checks payable to Nativity H.S.A.

In a hurry? Order from ScripNow brands and print your SCRIP in minutes with PrestoPay. It’s the fastest and easiest way to receive SCRIP! Plus, send eGifts by email! See Order Form for free account sign up and enrollment code.


Contact – Gina Cirasunda

Call: (716)864-8262