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Nativity Sends Two Teams to the XSTREAM Games and Expo

Many thanks and congratulations to the Nativity Warriors and Nativity Hawks Robotics Teams.  The teams:

Warriors – Aidan Hart-Nova, Patrick Notaro, Justin Anderson

Hawks  –     Danny Kirkpatrick, Brian Eiskant, Harrison Davis

participated in the XSTREAM Games and Expo held Sunday December 7 at St. Joseph Collegiate Institute.

The “Expo” was a day dedicated to STREAM – related activities that students at Nativity are taking part in every day.

XStreamGame  xstream2  NativityHawk2

The Robotics Competition paired teams and challenged them to move blocks from one side of a field to the other side.  Points were awarded based on blocks moved and additional points were given if teams were able to stack their blocks.  Teams were able to perform these tasks with the robot they built and a remote control to move the robot and stack the blocks.  The two first year Nativity teams did very well at the Expo and are looking forward to continue working with their robots.




The Expo was also an opportunity for Nativity students to display their engineering products.  Second graders were given the challenge of building chairs following the reading of Goldilocks.  Based on the events of the story, Miss McDonough’s students had to plan, discuss, build and troubleshoot a new chair for Baby Bear.  The students worked in groups to create chairs, made of household items, that could hold 2 pounds.  We are proud to say all students met the needs of the challenge.

Mrs. Zoda’s 4th grade class had their “Electric Rosarys” on display.  The students designed boards that were used to hold beads, wire, a light bulb and batteries and switch.  The task was to create a closed circuit using the above mentioned items.  All students completed the challenge and learned valuable information about electricity.

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