Marshmallow Tower – 5th Grade

Miss Denecke’s 5th grade students have been generating ideas on how to build the best marshmallow towers in the STREAM Lab.

Teams of students were asked to build the tallest marshmallow tower possible.  In addition to using marshmallows, the students were given toothpicks to assist in building their towers.  There were several conversations about how to build the towers when the teams first got together.  The building process was tricky due to the unique building materials but all groups did have varying degrees of success.  Following the measurement of the towers the closing discussions with the students was about how a successful tower can be built using a wide and solid base.

Great ideas were generated by the students and the towers were a success.

DSCN3501           DSCN3502          DSCN3503        DSCN3505          DSCN3506         DSCN3512      DSCN3507