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The Weekly Newsletter

Dear Friends of Nativity,

I have been meeting with the Nativity faculty three times a week to discuss the progress of the students. The responses about how the students are doing is promising and very comforting to hear. Admittedly, this has been a time of great adjustment to a new way of learning. Our students are doing extremely well.

Our older students are taking responsibility for their learning by accessing their online options, following instructions, submitting fine work and asking questions along the way. These are great skills to have as they get older and skills that they will need to have in and out of school. So, many thanks to them.

Our younger students are having great success as well. Thanks to the clear and concise directions from the teachers, and the appreciated assistance from parents and caregivers, student work is being completed and returned. Virtual visits from the teachers are showing that the students are still engaged, working hard and understanding the things that need to be done. Many thanks to them and parents, as well.

These examples truly show that this is a community that realizes it’s needs and illustrates the great things that happen when we all work together. We do have some challenges ahead of us. The faculty is working on ways to incorporate more technology to increase the amount of new information that needs to be presented for the future. Rest assured that this is a compassionate group of teachers that understands what you are going through, what we are all going through. Assignments being sent home are not to frustrate you or your Nativity student. We are continuing to send home assignments to keep normalcy and structure in the student’s lives. We all understand that the assignments may not be a high priority some days, and that is fine. If the students are able to keep up with the due dates, that’s great and its what the teachers would prefer. However, if there are days when its not possible, that’s fine also. Have the work completed and turned in the next chance possible.

This entire Nativity community needs to commended for how it is handling this unfortunate pandemic situation. We need to continue to work together, stay positive, be compassionate and always be Warrior Strong!

Thank you all for your support and commitment to Nativity of Our Lord School.

Please stay safe and healthy and God bless you all
Sincerely in Christ,

Christopher Gardon

Please note, in the event of weather related school closings Nativity of Our Lord School will not be in session when the Orchard Park Central School District is not in session.

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