Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities

binderA student participating in any sport or extra-curricular activity must be working to his or her potential in the classroom. The principal will decide if any disciplinary actions need to be taken for students who fall below his or her academic level, as well as in any cases of behavioral problems that may arise during the school day. Disciplinary actions may include suspension or probation.

Parental permission in writing is required for all students participating in extra-curricular activities.

It is the intention of the sports program at Nativity School to provide opportunities for student growth and development outside the formal classroom environment. The program will help develop a student’s sportsman-like conduct, school spirit, and an attitude of healthy competition. The most important goal of the program is to foster a positive self-image among all participants and to teach the fundamentals in any of the sports.

Diocesan and Parochial League Rules and Regulations prevail.

Students who are absent from school MAY NOT participate in any after school or evening activity.