Ski Club

Nativity OP ski clubGeneral Information About Ski Club

Nativity’s Ski Club is for students who are in 6th, 7th, & 8th grades. We ski at Kissing Bridge on Friday nights for 8 consecutive weeks.

Ski Club meets in the Monsignor Beasley Center parking lot at 4:45 pm and returns to Nativity at 10:20 pm. Ski Club starts in early January.  Students can ski or snowboard.

2015/16 Registration and Waiver Forms

Ski Club Q & A

If I sign up for an add a pass, do I have to wait for the first week of ski club to get it?

No, once the money and applications are submitted, the sales staff at KB will process all of the applications. A letter will be sent to those students who purchased the “add a pass” option. The letter will give you instructions on when you may go to KB and get your picture taken, etc. If we have snow and KB is open, you will be able to ski with you pass.

Will the Chaperones make sure that my son or daughter wears their helmet during ski club?

No, the Chaperones’ job will be to take attendance on the bus going to ski club and coming home, being there at KB should anyone get hurt and need attention, and maintain some order on the bus. They may or may not be skiing on the hill (KB supplies us with beepers to help notify us of any problems). They will not supervise your child on the hill, or anywhere else. That is one of the reasons why we limit the ski club to junior high students.

What is the difference between the add a pass and the seasons pass?

The seasons pass allows your child unlimited visits to KB. There are no ski lessons with this option. The add a pass allows your child unlimited visits to KB, as well as allows them to participate in group lessons during the Nativity Ski club nights,

Is ski club ever cancelled?

Yes, when we consider the conditions to be so poor that they would be unsafe, we will cancel ski club. We simply extend ski club one more week. No refunds are granted for missed weeks.

Are there rules for the bus?

Yes, NO BACKPACKS OR BAGS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE BUS. Students are informed that certain behavior will not be tolerated on the bus. This includes jumping in your seat, moving to another seat or standing while the bus is in motion, disrespectful behavior to the bus driver, the chaperones, or another student. Further, the students are informed that the bus will leave promptly at 5 PM (we are sometimes delayed slightly for boys basketball) But do not expect to arrive at the Nativity parking lot after 5 pm and get on the bus….it will probably have left. Also, we wish to keep our chaperones happy…so students are expected back at the bus parking lot by 9:45PM so the bus may leave promptly at 10pm. If a student does not follow the rules, the student will be not allowed on the bus and will not be permitted to join ski club the following year. No refunds will be given.

Will my child have fun?

Yes, this has been a great experience for all of my children. Many 6th graders are beginners at the start of ski club and end up as experienced skiers by 8th grade.