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Eighth Grade Composer Research Guidelines

(Spring 2013)

This sheet is provided in order to assist you in writing your research project. Follow all instructions and be aware of the various dates.

1) Choose a composer from the list provided. You will be given several composer resume sheets. These sheets must be completed and returned to music class by Wednesday, March 13! (This is easier than writing a rough draft).


2) You may not begin to write your paper until your teacher checks your answers on the composer resume sheets and tells you to proceed!

3) The final report should be approximately 500 words. A bibliography with at least two references should be included at the end of you report on a separate page. Only one reference may come from the Internet. The other should come from a book, magazine, or some other sources. List title, page, etc.

Do not copy your research word for word. Rewrite it in you own words!!!

4) The final paper is due by April 10 (or sooner). Put your report in my mailbox in the school office or music room. If for any reason you will not be in school that week, turn it in ahead of time. I strongly suggest that you photocopy your report in case the original gets lost or destroyed. Some or all papers may be on display.

5) Presentation of your report will greatly affect your grade. Neatness counts!!! Remember that, “Good enough is not good enough!” If you wish, you may use one picture as part of your report, and a good cover sheet adds to the character of your paper.

6) Help is available. Whenever you run into problems, please see me. Also our school librarian, Mrs. McNulty, will assist you in obtaining information. Lastly, your other teachers will be informed of your progress. Good reporting!

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